Since cyber attacks have only become more sophisticated and more frequent over the past few years, we’ve had to develop methods to outsmart and navigate such attacks that threaten our security. So with the pressing need to remain on top of IT security and Managed IT, here are a few key trends in cybersecurity.

What Is Managed IT?

Managed IT is known as an information technology task that is frequently offered by a third-party contractor. From here, the service is provided to the customer. In a productive Managed IT services relationship, the customer will benefit from predictive pricing and can operate a business without having to deal with IT issues, causing hiccups in daily operations.

So what kind of issues can Managed IT help you avoid? Well, here’s a few scenarios that could impact a business without efficient Managed IT Solutions.

Targeted Phishing

Phishing has remained one of the most common IT threats, with many unsuspecting individuals falling for this prey daily. By taking bait from a convincing BEC (business email compromise), malicious URLs, or phishing emails, an individual can inadvertently give away all of their personal information without ever knowing. With phishing attacks being up 297% at the end of last year, it’s safe to say phishing problems aren’t going to go away. A Managed IT Solution not only identifies an email phishing for information but also incorporates failsafes if their data has been compromised.

Managing Unmanaged and Managed Devices

Hackers have no problem cracking into some of the most demanding military firewalls on the planet, so what’s going to stop them from being able to break into your business? With much of the weakness lying on backend entry, Managed IT will keep all of your bases covered to keep your information safe.

Spreading Awareness

If your company is suddenly being bombarded with malicious files online, Managed IT be able to let you know. Since much of this is easy to miss and doesn’t get discovered until after the damage is done, Managed IT can stop the problem before it takes off.

So considering the information above, there’s plenty of reasons why Managed IT should already be a part of your business model. If not, what are you waiting for? Thankfully, we’re here to walk you through the process and keep your business safe from cyber attacks. Contact us today for information regarding how we can protect your business.