There are many benefits to purchasing or leasing a multifunction printer (MFP) for your business. Whether you’re looking to save money, maximize real estate in the office, or reduce your environmental footprint, an MFP may be the solution. Let’s take a look at why your Melbourne business needs a multifunction printer.

Cost Savings

Because you’re essentially eliminating the need to have several different machines by combining them into one, you are saving money on power, which can be directed toward other necessary company materials. That added value is one of the primary reasons companies of all sizes choose MFPs in their business operations. You can scan, fax, print, and copy with one machine. Many of these instruments are equipped with energy saving features, allowing them to sleep while running or conserve energy in other ways.

Saving Space

Because MFPs combine the functions of four different machines into one, you can free up significant space for a more comfortable and pleasant work atmosphere. The extra space can also be used for other business purposes, such as office furniture or other office equipment. You could add resource areas for learning materials or internal company information bulletins. With the extra space, your business’s workflow has the potential to significantly improve.

Waste Reduction

A way to reduce waste from office equipment is to consolidate machines into a multifunction printer. This results in purchasing fewer containers, cartridges, and other supplies that eventually become waste. Simply put, there will be fewer toner cartridge replacements resulting in less waste. MFPs are an important factor for companies trying to create a cleaner and greener footprint in the world.

The Downside to Multifunction Printers

The major downside to purchasing a multifunction printer is the expertise, maintenance, and management of the machines. These machines are extremely sophisticated and can be troublesome to repair. That is why it is important to establish a relationship with a Managed Print Services provider that can help with maintaining the equipment. They also understand every aspect of the equipment and help you make the best decision about configurations for your business. Contact Atlantic Business Systems to purchase a multifunction printer for your business or to learn more about our Managed Print Services.