Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that allows its users to make phone calls using broadband internet. In other words, it’s an alternative method to using the conventional analog service that many have used for years. For small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), VoIP brings with it a handful of benefits that are difficult to ignore. With that said, let’s take a look at the top five benefits of using a VoIP phone system.

  1. Saves you money. Logically, this is usually the top benefit that attracts most SMBs to VoIP. SMBs are always looking for unconventional (and easy) ways to save money. The cost of VoIP is much more affordable than that of the conventional analog set up. Traditional phone lines are replaced with an SIP trunk, which can often save businesses between 20 and 50 percent on their monthly phone bills. And if you make a lot of long distance calls, the international rates are much better through a VoIP setup. 
  1. Easy to install and maintain. With VoIP, there’s no need to have phone wiring installed all throughout your office. Instead, IP phones can be hooked up and ready-to-go in minutes. Access to a user-friendly web portal will allow you to move, add, or change your system’s configuration however you see fit. 
  1. More than just phone calls. VoIP provides you with multiple innovative functionalities beyond just the basic phone call. Built-in videoconferencing, screen sharing, call recording, and more are great available features, especially for employees who are constantly on the go. VoIP also makes voicemail accounts accessible through email by transcribing voice messages to text. Again, another awesome feature for your road warriors.
  2. Phone numbers follow employees anywhere they go. Due to cloud-hosted VoIP systems, calls can be diverted to your employees anywhere in the world. Again, the online portal allows you to easily manage phone numbers throughout your organization. It’s the best way to keep phone numbers attached to specific employees (and their mobile devices) so that your customers can easily connect with specific people within your business, regardless of where they happen to be working.
  3. Scalability is simple. Whether you expand or shrink in size, VoIP makes it easy to use the amount of phones that you need at any given moment. You can add and remove lines without any headaches. This means you won’t get stuck paying for additional lines that you aren’t using.

The benefits that come with VoIP are hard to pass up for today’s SMBs. For more information on how VoIP can help your Melbourne SMB, contact Atlantic Business Systems today.