VoIP, or voice-over-IP (Internet-Protocol), offers a cost-effective way to communicate using high-speed Internet connections. If you’re currently using an older analog business phone system – especially for long distance and international calls – voice-over-IP can save you money while providing increased functionality. Atlantic Business Systems can evaluate your current needs and offer your business VoIP solutions to replace or enhance your current business phone system.

Atlantic Business Systems has VoIP solutions that offer:

  • Low costs for hardware, service and upgrades.
  • Unlimited calling around the world.
  • Enhanced features that are unavailable with conventional business phone systems.
  • Melbourne based installation and maintenance.
  • Migration from your existing system to Voice-over-IP.

Voice-over-IP business phone systems are less expensive than traditional systems because your monthly rate stays the same regardless of how many calls you make or how much distance is between you and the person you call. And with our packages, you don’t have to make a major initial investment in hardware!

VoIP systems can be accessed anywhere an Internet connection is present. If you have a mobile workforce, your employees will be able to make calls and access your phone system from around the world, increasing flexibility and productivity. In addition, VoIP systems allow you to scale up or down as your business needs change.

Contact us today to learn more about how your business can stand to benefit from VoIP services!