Managed Print Services

Printing comprises a large part of company’s total monthly expenses, and can really be conducive to waste and mismanagement. This can be a substantial figure when looked at from a yearly perspective, and much of it can be avoided. Companies who choose to employ managed print services are ready to cut costs, reduce waste, and save money.

Atlantic Business Systems provides companies with the tools they need to succeed in the world of printing. This includes managing equipment, monitoring print spend and usage, and getting a company’s entire printing fleet under control. If your business is in need of managed print services, it may be time to look into investing in a service designed to make your company more efficient and save you money.

Ways that we earn your business include:

  • Determine your current cost per page by unit.
  • Lock in a fixed cost per page.
  • Standardize your printing supplies.
  • Usage reports by unit.
  • Full coverage maintenance on your printer fleet.
  • Automate your supply fulfillment and toner delivery.
  • Fewer PO’s, invoices, and checks to process, consolidation of vendors.
  • Leverage your current investment by “right-sizing” (redeploying) improperly placed equipment.
  • Free up your I.T. resources with our help desk, website tools and on-site technicians.

Contact us today if you’re ready to invest in a sound managed print strategy designed to save you money!