Managed IT Services

If you are a business owner who views technology as an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage rather than a necessary evil, this program is for you!   

Until recently, the business model for IT support has been to provide support only when something breaks. For example, something in your network breaks, and you pay someone fix it. The inherent problem with this model is that the incentive for the service provider is to only fix the problem that is reported. If something else breaks next week, they get to charge you again.   

The experienced IT support team at Atlantic Business Systems utilizes technology to monitor and manage your network with a proactive model and preventative service procedures. For a fixed monthly rate, we will assume responsibility for your entire network and the security of your data. Because we charge the same every month, it is to our benefit (and yours) to prevent network problems before they happen. This proactive approach leaves you free to build your business without being taken off task with nagging technology problems. 

Traditional IT services companies earn a fee only when you have a problem. Our service efficiency and profitability only improves when you are up and running flawlessly!

We cost justify your investment in IT services by offering:

Preventative Monitoring:

Spot problems and things that need fixed before they become an issue. Preventative monitoring allows you to stay on top of your game and take control of your office.

Virtual Data Security:

Today’s thief is well equipped to not only steal tangible property, but also valuable information and data that make your business run. Keep your data secure today!

Data Backup/Disaster Recovery:

The threat of disaster or losing valuable information is a real thing for businesses everywhere. Make sure your data is backed up should the worst happen.

Remote Network Management:

A modern company may be comprised of several mobile office or remote locations. With remote network management, you have the ability to manage your network from afar.

Cloud Computing:

Having the ability to share information over vast distances and continents is a luxury that has only been realized in the last twenty years. Cloud computing store your information on the cloud, freeing up necessary space in your office.

Hardware as a Service:

Also abbreviated HaaS, is the concept that provides complete IT hardware solutions in one simple, monthly plan.


Let us help you – Leverage Technology to Improve Office Efficiency today with any questions that you may have!