Barry Wallingford (right) and his brother, Adam, (left) in front of their first office in 1994.


Since 1994, Atlantic Business Systems has operated under the slogan: “We set the standard for customer service!” As it was true then, it is true now. Since its inception, Atlantic Business Systems has strived to redefine the concept of customer services to the point where customers not only remain loyal but enthusiastically help them build business through referrals.

Barry and Jena Wallingford and their children at the Satellite Beach office in 1997. Atlantic Business Systems was located here in this office from 1997 until the building was destroyed in a fire during Hurricane Jeanne on September, 4, 2004.


Barry and Jena Wallingford had a simple idea when they founded Atlantic Business Systems. This included to not only provide businesses with solutions that were designed to help them, but also to do it with a level of customer service that was unrivaled in the industry. Fast forward nearly two decades, the company has gone through a tremendous amount of growth and seen success along the way.

The Atlantic Management Team at the Satellite Beach office in 2000. Pictured from the left are Bob Gavrish, Pam Canino, and Greg Horner. Bob Gavrish is credited with saving the company after a fire destroyed their building during Hurricane Jeanne in 2004. During the evacuation before the storm, Bob insisted, “We need to put everything on the truck that we would need to run this business out of a hotel room.”

Jumping to 2004, Atlantic Business Systems experienced some unexpected excitement from Hurricane Jeanne. During the storm, the building in Satellite Beach suffered an electrical fire. Unfortunately, the building was a total loss. However, thanks to some clear thinking on the part of the management team before the storm, most of the mission critical data and customer files were preserved during the evacuation. In keeping with Atlantic's slogan to "SET THE STANDARD FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE," temporary quarters were set up in one of our employee's living rooms. No matter how bleak the situation seemed, there were silver linings. Friends, customers, and even competitors reached out to offer help and support during the aftermath of the storm. Throughout the ordeal, the team at Atlantic Business Systems showed incredible commitment, work ethic and professionalism.

The Satellite Beach office burned in a fire during Hurricane Jeanne in 2004.

As everything changes in time, so too does technology and the way it defines business processes. Jumping forward to 2008 has us operating with an additional slogan: “Leveraging technology to improve office efficiency.” While not forgetting our roots and our core commitment to customers, we have been able to utilize new technologies to provide even further benefits to our clients.


Following the loss of the Satellite Beach office in the fire in 2004, a temporary office was set up in Brian Woodall's home.

Continuing our trend and habit for success, we further expanded our vision in 2010. We once again redefined what it meant to be us, and added a piece to our vision for the future:

“To protect our customers’ network and data to ensure business continuity. To provide our customers with reduced and predictable operating cost, increased productivity and mitigation of risk providing them the peace of mind that will enable them to focus on their core business and their bottom line.”

Atlantic Business Systems serves its clients at their Support Center, called “Mission Control.”

Like most industries, office automation is continually evolving. The products and services we offer today are dramatically improved from those we brought to market on day one in May of 1994. One thing has not changed. With every new innovation, Atlantic Business Systems assumes a more critical role as a strategic partner to our clients. Copiers and fax machines were critical path devices in 1994. Today, we are the source for print, scan, and color multi-function devices and, digital document management and workflow efficiency software.

Atlantic Business Systems current office building.

We have seen many changes through the years, but one thing has remained constant—our commitment to our customers. See this commitment first hand by contacting us today!