About Us

Atlantic Business Systems was founded in May of 1994 by Barry and Jena Wallingford. Through hard work and perseverance and an uncompromising commitment to “Set the Standard for Customer Service,” we have enjoyed steady organic growth from zero to almost 2,500 MFPs and printers under contract. Along with our core business as a provider of MFPs and related services, we are also proficient in Managed Print and Managed IT Services. Our evolution as a company can be seen through the refinement of our Mission Statements and slogans.     

1994 Mission Statement:

To Redefine the Concept of Customer Service to the point that our customers not only remain loyal but enthusiastically help us build our business through referrals.

1994 Slogan: “We Set the Standard for Customer Service!”

2008 Mission Statement:

We commit to the education and career development of our employees enabling them to be trusted advisors in document management, workflow efficiency and office automation technologies.  We promote a culture where the highest level of integrity and ethics are the foundation of our business model, resulting in an unsurpassed commitment to customer satisfaction and service excellence.

2008 Slogan: Leveraging Technology to Improve Office Efficiency

And finally to our 2010 Vision Statement for Managed IT:

To protect our customers’ network and data to ensure business continuity.  To provide our customers with reduced and predictable operating cost, increased productivity and mitigation of risk providing them the peace of mind that will enable them to focus on their core

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